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You have several ways to make money online at present. Although, it’s quite difficult to earn money against the fierce online competition. Yep! It’s correct. You require an uncomplicated technique which is quite easy to implement and doesn’t require any technical know-how probably therefore.

So, if you’ve failed to earn with Adsense, affiliate marketing or other methods, then this is possibly the best method where you can generate quick money with or without a blog. You can earn 100$ effortlessly. Am I bluffing here? Nope! It’s true and absolutely possible.

Did you hear about link shortener programs before? Do you know how does it work? Well!! It’s very simple. All you have to do is shorten links and share on Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs etc. to make money. Isn’t it simple guys?

You can find a list of URL shortening site to make money, but I’m here to mention the best and most popular platform for making money by shortening links which is called short.St. If you’re ready to earn money then go on and read review to gather all info you need before you can start.

What is

You have learnt already that is link shortener website which pays its users for sharing links by various methods. As you see that you don’t need a blog to start making money here though it helps sometime. You can refer your friends to join from your link so that you can receive 20% commission of their earning. Also, I would like to tell you that it has 30,000 current users which show its popularity.


Features of

  • offers 5 seconds interval ads for the visitors, after 5 seconds a skip ad button arrive
  • where people needs to click to go to main URL
  • Decent CPM rates for International countries
  • Easy to use, Simple UI and variety of monetization tools
  • 20% commission on referrals – lifetime: you can refer your friends and earn 20% of commissions
  • You’ll acquire 20% always from your referrals all the time
  • Rates vary per 1,000 views depending on the location:  0.3$ – 1.66$

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Monetization Tools

You will like its wide range of monetization tools definitely. Let’s take a look at the tools below:-
Pop Up ads: launched a pop up ad display which will display an unique ad within 24 hours once to every visitors. It acts similar like other pop up ads as it will show in new window and hidden after a while in the browser.

Quick Link:  Quick link makes link shortening quite unproblematic. At first copy-paste below links on your browser and alter “type here” with your desired URL. Now, you’ll see a short link which is ready for sharing to make money.

MASS SHRINKER:  You can add up to 20 URLs at once for shortening here.

SOCIAL SHARE WIDGET:  Unfortunately if you have not a web address then you can’t utilize this technique because you need to place’s social sharing widget on your blog/forum or website. So, whenever someone clicks, they will be redirected to the ad before sharing your content. Isn’t it completely simple?

WordPress Plugin: If you are a WordPress blogger then you can take advantage of its official plugin to shorten links. Thus, you will have no fuss because it’ll be shorten via plugin smoothly.

Earn On BlogSpot Comments: But what if you’re having a site on Blogger platform is there any way to earn with Yep! You can make money with comments. But how will you do it? It’s simple. Go to your dashboard – Tools and then you will notice earn on BlogSpot comments. Copy Code and paste it in your comment section for making money automatically.

Twitterfeed and Integration: I don’t use Twitterfeed but if you use then you have a way to attach your feed with this program to earn more. It shortens your published content by default for you. is a sharing program which I used in past but if you are still using or want to use it, then you can integrate with your content while sharing into social media.

How to Register with

Step 1: Joining program is pretty easy and straightforward.
Step 2: Open and click Join and fill up the required fields with your email and password. Step 3: You can use Facebook to register and login directly.
Step 4: Now, accept the terms and conditions and hit register button.
Step 5: You will receive a confirmation email in you inbox, open it to get verified. Ta da! That’s it!

Payment Rates and Method

Do you want to know the rates for different countries before link shortening? Oh well! Then visit Payout rates page.

Now, you know the rates but still you’re missing an important thing which is withdrawn method and its frequency. It pays by PayPal, Webmoney and Payoneer on the 10th of each month. You can withdraw your earning if you’ve 5$ via PayPal or Webmoney and 20$ for Payoneer. Payout Proof

You can find numerous payment proof of online plus I’m assuring that it’s 100% legitimate company. So, nothing to worry for a second.

Source: Forum

Quick Ways to make the Most out of

Share YouTube Video Links

You must try with funny, viral, weird YouTube videos apart from shortening links, images etc only. Because, people akin to watch videos more than anything else on social media.

Share Interesting Facebook Images

Simply share a popular image that contains huge likes. I mean share popular, funny, weird images because it is as popular as videos on social media.

Share Website/Blog links

If you are blogger then you can use various methods to make money from your visitors such as Social widget, comments, plugin.

Share on Popular Facebook Page or Group

If you have a popular Facebook group/page or know few then you can share there but avoid spamming.

Conclusion could be an astounding source to make few extra cash. But you cannot depend on it totally. You can generate sufficient money depending on the visitors. Link shortening is a straightforward method to earn money online if you can capitalize. So, if you are using free service like then you can give it a try for sure. Go ahead and try it and let me know about your experience, problem and success.

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