My Favorite: Top 6 Blog Posts for July (Round Up)

I’ve thought to end the July with a thunderous round-up blog post. But I’m late due to some problems. BTW! I’ve found the treasure for you guys finally. What is it exactly? I’ve gathered the best blog posts on this month. I’m expecting that it’ll be the best content on my blog as well.

Blog post round up on July 2015, Top 6 Blog posts on July,

Being a blogger you need to acclimatize fresh and valuable information frequently to enhance your blogging skills. You should implement or else you’ll leave behind against the fierce competitions. Blogging became more difficult than before evidently. People are getting into this field without proper knowledge. So, they’re getting failed habitually.

Blogging isn’t for all but I believe that you should be given one chance if you’re passionate about it. Therefore, I’ve gathered a list of the best blog posts around the web from the top bloggers. I’m very optimistic that these 6 blog posts will make you better blogger definitely.

The highlight of this special Round Up:-

  • Revealed: Learn how to get more traffic into your blog from 39 Top Bloggers
  • Comprehensive Facebook Campaign Guide (for Beginners)
  • How would you Pull in your blog readers with every line of your content
  • Why people don’t remember your blog (even if you break your neck when writing)
  • Boost your SEO level by 248% out of nowhere at once
  • Learn how to conquer the odds and find a way towards success from 31 experts

39 Top Bloggers Reveal How They Get More Blog Traffic

Brent Jones Getting traffic is an imperative aspect of your blog. You know it clearly as well.  You blog can’t go long without supportive traffic. You need to implement    various techniques to acquire loyal readers within your blog posts.

 You will get numerous answers about building traffic on the web. So, I won’t shout about it rather I like to highlight a post from a friend of mine.

 I’m talking about my friend Brent Jones’s latest blog post. He managed an  awesome round-up of 39 expert bloggers on this month about how to get more traffic on your blog? You wanna find out why are you lacking engagement on your blog posts even though you’re following every possible method to reach more traffic? Hmm!! Find Out 39 Top Bloggers Revealed How to Get More Traffic?

Did you ever wonder how your favorite blogger grabs huge attention from readers right after publishing an article? How did they craft such highly engaging post? Discover all the hidden secrets from the experts now. Don’t forget to express your feeling on his blog.

Beginner’s Guide to Running Facebook Ads That Convert

Neil Patel You’ve learnt how to get more traffic (after reading above post). But now it’s  time to shift your focus to the social media giant “Facebook”. You know the  benefits of Facebook, but still you’ve failed to seize maximum outcome. No  doubt that It’s the leading place to uncover loyal readers or customers on any  niche blog. Therefore, it’s vital to gain an upper hand here. I’m not speaking about  sharing your contents. Nope! It’s about Facebook advertising campaign.

 He presented a comprehensive Beginners Guide to Run Converting Facebook Ads. Facebook is absolutely crucial part whether you run a blog or business for reaching the targeted people without hassle. But you need to recognize several processes for running and converting your customers into possible buyers. So, if you’re stuck or few doubts about it like me then you should read this staggering blog post by Neil Patel. I’m damn confident that it’ll help you a lot for sure.

The Blogger’s Guide to Telling Stories That Win Hearts and Minds

Alex No bloggers like it at all. What am I talking about? Well! You provide all in  plate (outta your best) to pull in the readers into your blog after researching,  editing and proofreading. But what happen then? I know how are you feeling  now? Even though you wrote the best damn content but sill nobody cares. You  should be wondering why it’s happening. Well! It happens with most bloggers  my friend.

 Okay! Let me ask a simple thing. Would you read a 5000+  words blog post or story thoroughly till the very  end? You will prefer story because it’s more fascinating than the article. Also, we remember that stories longer than blog posts. Now you’re realizing your mistakes. Aren’t you?

I’ve discussed previously about the blog post intro techniques for increasing your readers engagement on your blog more than before.  But I got admit that it’s much more comprehensive than that. Alex Limberg (the author) described every bit of information about the Blogger’s Guide to Storytelling that Win Hearts and Minds. If you want your readers connect with each lines of your content then you should must read this blog post right away. You gotta learn this storytelling strategy to attach the readers within your blog posts.

Make It Count: Why Your Blog is Forgettable

KEvin Duncan I gotta say that It is synced perfectly with above post from Alex Limberg on BoosBlogtraffic where he showed us how to grab your reader’s attention for  longer with the stories. I could say it’s the second part or he picked brilliantly  from the ending point (where Alex left). It complements above content rightly.

 How do you feel when your blog readers click, scroll and forgot your neck  breaking content within a moment? It’s the most awnkard feeling for the  bloggers. You may be feeling that you’ve done everything for your shadow only. You need to give your best to stand a chance for wining your reader’s heart. But how would you come up with an awe-inspiring content from time to time?

I ask myself that where am I lacking or what is difference between me and my favorite writers? If you think similar then I’ve found something noteworthy for you. I’m speaking about my favorite blogger and author Kevin Duncan’s post. He mentioned a damn awesome guide about Make It Count: Why Your Blog is Forgettable (and What to Do About It). You’ll get every possible answers why your blog is forgettable?

How To Make An SEO Content Strategy That Will Improve Your #1–3 Results By 248%

Nathab  It is one of the best content marketing blog which I prefer to read every day. If    you want to be a successful blogger then you must deliver kick-ass content    along with a nice blend of (proper) SEO. That’s why you can’t neglect it at all.

 It’s an ample guide to figure out the scintillating content strategy to improve  your content results by 248%. It doesn’t matter if you craft an awesome article   without an apposite blend of SEO. If you wanna boost your blogging stability  then uncover how to make An SEO Content  Strategy That Will Improve Your #1–3 Results By 248% from Nathan Ellering (Coschedule author).

How These 31 Successful Bloggers Overcame Failure

shermansmithcrop  I’ve faced some blogging failure in past and i know you’ve gone through it too.        Making mistakes is fine if you’re able to bounce back with double strength.  Sherman Smith produced an awesome hangout with 31 expert bloggers about    how did they overcame blogging failure? I’m sure that you’ll cherish after reading  how these 31 successful bloggers  overcame failure. If you need a trigger    to surpass your obstacles then you must read this content right now definitely.  Well! You should avoid it if you don’t wanna know about their tough times.

Are you still reading?

Is it a worthy round-up for best blog posts on July, 2015? Well! I favored these six posts but you may point out several others naturally because I know that I’ve  missed few jaw-droppers from few other blogs as well. But did you like my above contents or you’ve few more blog posts to shout on July?

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