Make Money With Teespring in 60 Minutes

Is it possible to earn money by selling  T-shirts? Yep! You can make money by selling T-shirts online. But how would you earn or where would you start? Is there any additional cost or any shipping charges for your Tees? Well! You don’t need to bother about shipping and extra charges to make money with Teespring.

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Even though you’ve heard about Teespring for some time, but you have no clear idea about how making money with Teespring? That’s why I decided to show you to put up a comprehensive details with its free and paid techniques.

Before I dig deep into the post, you gotta recognize how to start with Teespring and how does it work? Are you ready to make money with Teespring???

What is Teespring basically?

Teespring is an online custom T-shirts selling website without further additional cost and delivery charges. You can sell your designed Tees in front of your targeted audience from around the world without any hassle whatsoever. It’s the best place to sell custom apparel legitimately.

Note: It’s my friend (Mohit Pachwari’s) recent journey who is an expert Teespring mastermind for me definitely. Without a further ado, let’s begin. Are you ready to kick off the show. Are you ready to explore latest make money methods about Teespring? Let’s roll then. Oh! Yes. Drum roll Please!

A Valuable Lesson Learnt From My First Campaign

My first campaign was a big disaster for me. I have been trying Facebook ADS. I lost around 60$ in my first campaign (10$ Design). But then I didn’t know how it works and what should I do and how to scale. All I did learn from my mistakes. Never Spend more than 20$ in a single campaign unless you got sales. You must follow the below cafeterias while running a Facebook campaign.

  • CTR should be above 6%.
  • I prefer to utilize 0CPM.

CPE (Cost per Engagement) should below than 0.10$ were killed, it after spending 10$ unless you got sales. Use some good interests. Pages should be above 25K likes and with high engagement. Dig more for getting passionate audience.

My Recent Experience on Facebook Campaign

My recent campaign launched 15 days ago. After spending 5$ I got two sales and the audience size was just 36k. I knew I got gold. Now all I need is scaled up. What I did, I did little research and ended up with 6 highly engagement interests. Then after that I started website conversions and did split testing like age groups, genders and mobile vs desktop. I made total 18 ad sets. After running for 3 days I started killing crappy one ad sites. That is it!! After spending over 1800$ I got ended up with 350+ sales. Had some good ROI 😀

10 Free Tools To Make Money With Teespring

  1. Audience Intersect and Audience Insights
  2. (To track sales)
  3. Discover (For finding running Campaign)
  4. Teespring Discover
  5. smallfbtools
  6. Fbkeywordtool
  7. Teeview
  8. Teespring analytics
  9. PageData
  10. Animated Teespring images 

Attention: I think that I’ve provided enough free resources to make money with Teespring. But if you know then few more then don’t keep it secret 🙂

Is It possible to Make Money without investing in ads?


Yeah, you can make without investing a dime. All you need to do is head over to smallfbtools

  • Head over to event finder.
  • Search your niche keywords and then post your T-shirt link
  • Bravo! There you go! It would be shown to all members who has attended that event.

This tactic works like a charm. Some of my friends have been doing it and has some great success with it 😉

Don’t Ignore Gold: Here I wanna recommend you to read another free method from my good friend (Suprabhat Mondal) where he has shown a scintillating Twitter strategy making money with Teespring. It’s a must see simple yet effective trick for us.

A (Last Minute) Guide for the Beginners

Last but not the least, Never give up. When I started Teespring I lost over 800$ in 3 months. No success at all but I didn’t give up I wanted to make everything up. After that I goldmine campaign I didn’t make me profit it made everything. Just keep working don’t give up everything will work out in the end 😉

You need to dig deep into Teespring to get the most out of your investment. Dig in into a niche you; trust me, you would end up with a huge profit margin. Good luck if you are entering into Teespring.

I’m feeling fantastic for your awesome contribution Mohit. All I can give you a tiny little thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Even though I haven’t run a single Tee campaign, but I learnt a lot after researching in on it consistently. You can make money with free methods as well as you can earn huge with a smart ad targeting with split testings.

I will discuss about these two methods comprehensively on my next (own) “make money with Teespring” case study. So, if you wanna catch it immediately, then become a member of our family to get instant updates at first 🙂

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