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Welcome to eBlogBase. Today I am writing a post on a topic Which surely will answer many questions related to the same thing, it is, “Whether Changing Web Host create any issue from an SEO Perspective?”.
I know, the majority of you, must have got something similar in your mind, while changing the hosting company.
I have heard different questions like:-
• Will change in Web Hosting effect Rankings?
• Will my Ranking Drop after changing my hosting company?
• And the list goes on.
But they all want to know the same thing, it is, whether it is safe to change web host or not?
So, let’s talk about it in a brief.

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Is it dangerous to Change Web Hosting?

You must be using some Free Hosting or some cheap hosting in the beginning of your career, but now, You want to change to a good, reputed Host and get benefited with the list of advanced features.
With the change of hosting, You IP Addresses, on which your website is hosted will change.

Whether it will have any effects on your ranking?

No, It will not. Unless, your website stays down for a long period of time or it gives 404 errors for some reason.

I have been changing Hosting over the years to find out the best one for me and while doing so, I haven’t found any ill-effects of the same. The ranking will remain same, because of the fact Hosting change process was smooth.
Now, let’s take a look at the points, which you need to take care of, while changing your web host.
How to Change Your Web Host Smoothly?
As I said, in the last paragraph, a change of hosting will not have any direct effects on ranking, but if you have it in a wrong way, with lots of 404 errors or a long downtime can cost your few spots in search Engine.

So, what you need to do?

Well, according to me, the problems come when, We delete the website from old hosting account to quickly. You should be keeping it for at-least 24 hours, because in some cases, your website is cached for 24 hours, which means once a user or bot (whose browser or system has cached your site), will visit your website, they will be going to your old IP address and if you have already deleted your site from the old host, then it will give a 404 error, which is not good for SEO. So, keep your website live in both places. But point DNS to your new hosting, if the website is not cached for a day, then all your visitors will go to the new IP and will be able to visit your site normally.

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Additionally, set the TTL (Time to Live or the time to point the DNS to your Hosting) shorter (600 seconds), it will point your domain to your new web host very quickly, hence, there will be no problems.
So yeah, you have already bought the new hosting or you are looking for one? If you are looking to buy a new one, then you can Buy Hostgator, Bluehost, Interserver or Dreamhost, all three are very good companies. And if you like to get discounts, then use these Coupons for Bluehost, which can help you save huge money.

Final Words

So, that’s it. This topic will look technical, but actually it is not. But if you still have any confusion, then you are free to ask any question regarding this post via comments.

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