Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Content Ideas For Your Blog

Can you earn money if you haven’t acquired clever content ideas for your blog? Well! My reply is pessimistic. Your writing is superlative, but you stuck with the innovative blog post topics. Is this your scenario? Sincerely, I’ve faced it too. I know that you are surrounded by talented rivals whose are ready to outstrip you anytime.

It’s an unpleasant feeling which you often feel while gathering your ideas to write an article. You put a lot of hard labor to compose an article then you try to guess about the audience reaction.

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You know topics but you’re so vexed about the correct headline because if it’s not amazing, then all of your hard work goes in vain. Time is passing on and on, and you haven’t decided appropriate one yet. Now you don’t like this moment at all because you’re feeling concerned and confused altogether.

It happens with majority bloggers even I took more than half an hour to decide blog post content ideas.

That’s why I picked some examined methods which will grant you better content ideas & save your precious moments as well. Shall we begin now?

Quora Is The Gemstone

Quora is the best Q/A site undoubtedly. You can browse numerous questions and answers on your particular niche or a single topic by few clicks. I read it often to see what’s happening around my niche. You should join it to discover valuable content marketing ideas for your readers. Oops! I forgot to shout that it’s entirely free to enter.


You haven’t used Quora yet, and then let me elaborate you how to utilize Quora effectively? First of all enter your preferred topic or keywords relating to your niche. After that, you will notice a list including questions and answers. Now just find that perfect keyword that goes with your niches and notes it for later.

Look at the screenshot. You can see that I typed my desired keyword and clicked “questions” to the left for sorting. But you can sort according to your requirement out of seven options.

But if you can play smartly with Quora then you may gain three types of benefit. Check it out below.

At first, You can craft kick ass, super-magnetic blog post title and generate more readers (traffic) on your blog by solving various problems. Last of all, You can reply the previous question with a link. Clearly, It will bring decent traffic from Quora. Don’t waste time. Try it yourself. What do you say?

Feedly – Simply Wonderful

Feedly is a common content site where you can follow your favorite blog in a single place via RSS. It provides various options to manage our desired blogs with ease. You can sort articles by social media popularity as well.


You can view your favorite blogs as well as you can analysis your opponents’ content ideas for your blog. If you’ve unsatisfied with Quora, then you’ve got to attempt here, or even you can exploit both for a killer blog post title. It’s free just like Quora so without wasting a second capitalize at this instant.

Experience Matters The Most

Having expertise in this field will help you to discover amazing content ideas. For instance: If you’re a Tech blogger then You might come up with following new blog post ideas instantly like below:-

  • Best Laptops for Gaming under $1000
  • 10 Affordable Budget Android Phones.
  • Top 10 Free iPhones Apps to avoid battery draining   

Being a tech blogger, you can produce this kind of blog post ideas within few minutes. Isn’t it? No problem even if you haven’t got much experience. Therefore, I’ve told you already above how to exploit Quora and Feedly to seek out content ideas for your blog? Is it enough for delivering amazing content to your readers.  Nope? Keep scrolling because main ingredients are coming up next.

Topic Generator Tools Can Help You A Lot

Are you struggling with your next blog post content ideas? Are you losing your productive hours behind title creation? Hmm!! You need a solution badly and quickly as well.

Crafting a magnetic headline requires both time and a little bit of skill. Also, You should practice regularly to develop it. But what if you are either busy or inexperienced? I hope these tools will solve your headache permanently. I am talking about Portent Title Maker and Hubspot Blog Post Generator tool. (My Favorite)

All you’ve to do is to insert your preferred topics or keywords for generating content ideas for blogs.


Visit Hubspot from above link and put in three keywords and click the button. It’ll show five results at once. Several tools are available, but it’s the superior choice comparing to others.



Potent is an impressive instrument for attracting readers because it provides peculiar kind of titles which I like about this tool. It will give you numerous content ideas with some unusual examples. You’ll not understand until you see it by yourself.


Write A Review

It’s our human nature that we go to study initially to decide about anything. So, if you’re using such products which will assist your audience, then you should share your know-how with them for sure. Have you bought a blogging product or WP plugin, theme recently? You should write an in-depth review to help out your readers. It’ll give you an extra elevation in front of your persistent readers.

Ask For Feedbacks

Did you notice Q & A poll on several sites? Yes! You’ve seen. It’s a simple yet an efficient manner to recognize what do they think about your blog? It’s a thriving chance to know where are you lacking? Is it design or content or others? Even they can help you to discover new content ideas for your blog. Can you ascertain brand new content ideas for your post by this way? Find out yourself.

To Be Continued

I wouldn’t stop this thrilling journey with you for a moment. I’ll keep hunting more techniques for you so you can come to light with further blog post content ideas for your blog effortlessly.

I put a lot of efforts on it so it’ll be a painful (online) slap on my face if you didn’t respond. After all, it’s incomplete without your contribution. Keep checking for updates on this post.

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