10 Ways Blog Post Intro Will Make You Better Blogger

Do you know that out of ten people; only two people intersect with your entire content whereas others skip straight away. As a result, you must accumulate an overpass to draw interest on every line of your blog post. You didn’t understand what I’m stating about? So! You don’t know about how to formulate a fabulous blog post intro?

Blog Post Introduction, Blog Post Intro, Blog Post opening

You have executed following things on your blogs so far. Is it your writing checklists???

  • You’ve dedicated your spirit to compose a magnetic headline and expecting a positive response.
  • You wrote your article passionately without any grammatical errors, including visual elements. (Ex: Infographics, Videos, Quotes, etc.)
  • Also, you’ve provoked a controversy or utilized a powerful CTA or asked for their response in the end.
  • Congratulations! You’ve discharged a wonderful blog post for the readers. But is it really true???

Before I let out the rest part, you might wanna read my previous post where I mentioned several tips to avoid blinking in front of your PC.

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You have recognized how could you seek out unique blog post ideas for your blog? But wait, I’ve an added bonus if you’re using Chrome. Explore the best Chrome extensions you’ll ever require.

As a blogger, you should read several blogs often, but did you finish every article? You answer should be negative because despite the fact they delivered catchy headlines, spectacular images and to the point info, etc. But he isn’t able to connect with you overall.

You read and respond only to the blog where you’ve driven deep within the content. Even though the headlines drilled you into the post but still you read the center of the article and leave straightaway.

You’ve been experiencing a similar situation on your blog as well like others. So, how do you overcome those odds or how would you unlock your blog’s maximum potential?

Well My friend! You are lacking an enchanting introduction on your blog post and that is not a mistake, it’s a blunder which is the midpoint for less interaction on your blog.

You’ve invited to your friends party and office employee party. Where would you go? You’ll go to your friends’ party, possibly because you’ve better connections than  co-workers.

Basically, a blog post intro transports your readers to the next lines after clicking the magnetic title. So you may call it’s a transporter between your article. It sets the connection of engaging readers till the end.

10 Ways Blog Post Intros Can Skyrocket Your Creativity

#1. Share An interesting Story

You gotta make your articles fascinating. You can throw your real story or others to divert your readers to the next phase. As a result, it will create a relation and  a valid crave among your readers most likely. Otherwise, they will click and get away. Your target is to turn your first time visitor to returning visitor.

Share An Amazing Story

When I sank to my knees and wept by the side of the stream, watching my horse about to drown–and unable to rescue her.

Example: How to Write Better: 3 Secrets of Transmitting Naked Emotions |WritetoDone

#2. Shelling A Quote

Did you observe “quotes” within your fellow bloggers blog? Definitely. But why do they utilize it often? It brings an added benefit to your readers by enhancing the structure of your content. It’s more pleasing, learning and motivating for the viewers. Quotes are vital for engaging because it has been composed by renowned persons. Therefore, majority people favor it.

Share A Quotes

Don’t read: Inspirational Writing Quotes from Famous Authors to inspire yourself and your audience.

#3. Poke A Controversy

Everybody loves controversy? Isn’t it? You should try to poke a controversy, but not too offensive. Thus, they’ll react to your blog post and keep reading till the end.

Rather than writing creepy, boring articles; you should enlarge your creativity of your content by poking a controversy.

#4. Include Facts

Everybody loves legitimate facts. So, it could be an ideal procedure  to glue your readers to the article. As i said before that “only two people care about your persistence out of 10 “. It’s true as the SUN.

In 1995, authors, experts and influencers sold $10 million worth of eBooks through Amazon. 18 years later that number has grown to $1.6 billion.

Despite the growth, something is changing…

Example: New Facebook Tool: How To Use It To Convert Comments Into Sales |JeffBullas

#5. Deliver Revitalizing Stuff

Create a suspense in your blog post intro from the major portion (body) to keep the momentum going until the end. It executes like an overpass from one line to another  on your blog. You can have your readers by composing irresistible introductions from start to end because they don’t know what is going to come from then on?

Share Amazing Stuff

Your headline is the first impression you make on a prospective reader.

Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.

So, from a copy writing and content marketing standpoint, writing great headlines is a critical skill. Here are some interesting statistics…

Example: How to Write Magnetic Headlines | CopyBlogger

#6. Ask A Question Or Post An Inquiry Of A Reader

Well! It’s a prolific technique to provoke the readers take part in your blog entirely. It’s a manner for fabricating the correlation with your readers. It’s little tricky to compel your readers to read further because you’re going to ask such questions which they can’t answer except reading more.

You can unwrap with a reader’s inquiry as well. Both are quite effective for building your reader’s interest throughout the article? Now you can arrange your article by the way  visitors want (assuming others have a similar issue on the topic).

Could it really be possible that almost everything you are doing to promote your website is a waste of time?

Example: 11 Traffic Techniques That Are a Waste of Time for Beginners |BoostBlogTraffic

#7. Numerous Questions

Does it look like previous blog post introduction? Well! You’re quite correct.  Rather than posting a single question you can post unveil few sets of question altogether to oblige your loyal visitors. But you should ask such question which your blog’s can’t resist except answering.

Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with?

  1. Intelligence is fixed at birth.
  2. Some people are creative, others aren’t.
  3. You can become a world-class expert through enough practice, whatever your starting point.
  4. You can change your personality.

“If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset.

Example: How to Change Your Mindset for Growth by Ali Luke

#8. Share A Success Story

The cool thing about this is the success story doesn’t even have to be your own.

Who doesn’t wanna read success stories? Hmm! Hardly nobody. As it comes from a real experience such as case studies, income reports, etc. which contains your tested data along with your experiments. It must be silly if you think that you require your own success story always for writing an awesome blog post intro. You can attach your favorite stories to inspire your readers.

It’s been a long journey, but 16 months later we now get 250,000 page views to our site per month, in the last year we have brought in over $500,000 in business as a direct result of the blog and the business operates in 2 countries and our content has been picked up all over the world.

Example: 10 Simple Tips To Get 250,000 Page Views Per Month by Niall Harbison

#9. Anecdotes

What do you mean by “Anecdotes”? It’s powerful words which used as “punch lines”. It utilized by the story and speech writers mostly. Thus, bloggers are exploiting it to maximize the conversation on their blogs.

Actually, maybe I want—Wait, I was supposed to be searching, how do I turn this off?

Wait, why does clicking remove background image just return the original picture of the woman on the dock, I just want nothing to be there. Argh!”

Example: A Google Background Image Anecdote| Plastic Mind

#10. An Astounding Image

“A pictures is worth a thousand words“. You should comprise an awesome stock picture along with your blog post intro to convey the reader’s interest to the next paragraph. You would’ve noticed that bloggers are exploiting meaningful but indirect images on their blog post nowadays because proper pictures are quite boring quite not interesting too. 

Your Turn

Can you guess which tactic I used to write blog post intro here? Detect it if you can? You shouldn’t exploit these techniques if you think your blog isn’t require any kind of momentum spike. Or you wanna be a boring jackass blogger like 90% or wanna be an expert content curator from next article?

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