11 Best Android Blogger Apps You Should Use

Blogging is one of the best platform for showcasing your talent and sharing your expertise on the web. It involves an enduring attention. Although you can’t sit in front on your PC due to various reasons. That’s why apps are quite handy for consistent work flow. I’m speaking about your Android phone.

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I’ve assembled the best android blogger apps for your blogging purpose. You can do blogging and related tasks effortlessly even when you are away from your computer with these applications.

I utilize these apps frequently and recommend every blogger too. Besides, all of these applications are absolutely free. You should exploit these best Android blogger apps to expand your blogging sparks.


WordPress is the leading CMS platform for blogging. You can accomplish similar chores like you perform on your PC with this Android app. You can execute various tasks like writing, editing and publishing articles. You can moderate comments, insert pictures and videos with your smartphone camera as well. It’s compatible for both self hosted and non hosted WordPress platforms.


Our android screen filled up with lots of distractions. Writer app strip-down word processor, which is designed to work out this problem by offering disturbance free atmosphere inside your device. This way you can concentrate only on your content creation which is suitable for your blogging work.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the one stop place to store anything. You can manage your documents, pictures, videos etc. With its cloud storage. Also, Google Drive syncs your documents across all the devices which were linked to Google accounts  routinely.

So, if you’re running out of time while writing an article on your laptop, you can complete it later from your smartphone whenever you want. You can access your documents after completing the synchronization process on other devices.


Remember that time when you are reading an English phrase in school without knowing its meaning, then you ask your teachers to explain it. Sometime while writing a post we discover few words which you don’t understand. Dictionary.com is the one stop solution to these dilemmas. It has two versions, free version includes ads and the ad free version solely cost $2.99.

Pixlr Express

We know that “a photo speaks louder than words”. Pixlr express is an awesome app for photos. But sometime capturing and uploading is not enough, we need to combine some touch ups so that it catches more eyeballs.

There are plenty of apps accessible in Google Play Store. But Pixlr Express is one of the best blogger android apps for photo editing. You can do several advance things to your photos with it and you can do basic features as well. It’s an efficient substitute of Photoshop on mobiles.


You can’t overlook the strength of social media. It’s very crucial to share your valuable contents on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The Buffer app made sharing very simple for everyone. Now you don’t have to open each site because you can share your content on all these social media sites with a few taps. Methods are straightforward – You can craft a schedule, add your contents to buffer and see the magic.


You carry phones more than laptops at present and mobile phones are the preferred device for exploring your various requirements generally. But it is unbearable for anyone to read every appealing piece of information they find.

This is where Pocket comes to play. It’s an up to date bookmarking app that allows us to save web pages, photos, videos or anything from the web. The pocket will download a simple version of an article, blog posts, photos, videos or anything that you want to save, so that you can resume it from where you have left. Its allow you to tag, collect and sharing your article.


You gotta download and install gAnalytics to track your blog’s status anytime on your Android device. This is the first and foremost thing you should check if you’re aiming to make your blog flourishing. This app helps you to track your visitor count with other metrics like bounce rate, page views, search terms and lots more.

The best part is that you can do almost everything that you do on your laptop. So, you don’t need to be concerned about your site traffic performance from now because you can analyze it always with gAnalytics wherever you want.


Feedly is my favorite source to connect with my desired blogs. Feedly is extremely helpful for reading resourceful content from your preferred blogs. You can put in as many sites as you want to read and reveal new sites to spice up your taste. Feedly has a stunning magazine style layout and also allows you to tag, categorize and share your feeds.


Ideas can rise and fall instantly. How would you remember it for a long time? You can accomplish this task with an effective Android app which is called Evernote. It doesn’t matter wherever you’re, you can note down the entire necessary thing about your ideas quickly by this app.

You can take a picture; write notes, sketch, audio recording and make a to-do list. You can perform all things at once with Evernote. Furthermore, you can sync your valuable information with your PC and browser as well. Evernote is an awesome android app for blogging concern undoubtedly.


You must be familiar with Pingdom tool. It’s a tool that analyzes speed and others performances of a website. You should download it to check your blog’s loading speed immediately. It sends your message if your site is down. Pingdom is the best blogger Android apps for analyzing your blog situation at once.


I can shout confidently that you can save more priceless time by using my handpicked best Android blogger apps for your blog. Do you recognize any other Android apps for blogging? Then tell me about your preferred apps without delay. Do you Wanna append anymore on the best Android blogger apps listing?

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